Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Chicken Bullying: How to Stop Them Pecking Each Other

Todays’ article tackles one of the least endearing qualities of our beloved hens – bullying. 

It is more than establishing the ‘pecking order’- it is systematically picking on one or two hens for no apparent reason. 

Bullying can be limited to feather plucking or it can escalate into full blown warfare with the receiving hen being severely injured or possibly killed. 

In this article we will cover what the usual causes of bullying are, how to stop them pecking each other and finally what to do when you need to intervene.


  1. Kenny that's why they call it a pecking order.

  2. @luis WeAreChickensMarch 2, 2021 at 3:45 PM

    Well if ya had chickens that are white and chickens that are black, ya need to have separate water and food stations for them with chicken wire separating them 'cause the black chickens are lazy and will steal from the white chickens. And if ya have mexican chickens, ya need to be careful they will either climb of dig their out the coop and expect the white chickens to feed them and sit on their eggs for them.


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