Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Desert Storm - The Air War, Day 1 - Time-Lapse

 17th January 1991 - Operation Desert Storm begins. The largest military alliance in 50 years moves to liberate Kuwait, beginning with a massive "Shock and Awe" air assault on Iraq on Day 1. 2775 sorties are conducted against strategic Iraqi targets in the first 24 hours of the Air War.

VIDEO HERE (22 minutes)



  1. Horrifying! There is nothing to show that any of the units involved had been properly trained in respecting diversity!

  2. What’s really horrifying is who has control of those capabilities today?

    1. Probably the same as before: our greatest parasites.

  3. "All your bases are belong to us!!"

  4. The gays and blacks in my squadron didn't feel the need to play the victim card... they flew the missions right beside the rest of us hetero, white krackas and we did our jobs and just treated each other like regular human beings. Who would have thunk that such a thing could exist before "woke" came along?

  5. First Iraq War Joke
    Why is it easy to teach an Iraqi fighter pilot?
    You don't have teach them how to land.

    Dehumanize and kill the enemy, laugh at their misery.
    Not sure we are better off.

  6. Pretty fuckin amazing. I watched the second video of the tank war. Impressive.

  7. Weird, I was just thinking of that war yesterday and how that was already 30 years ago. Damn I'm getting old.

  8. In the tank battle the US soldiers over and over said they respected their enemy. They came to fight and died. I had no respect for the VC. Hit and run. When ya encountered NVA expect a battle. The NVA I had great respect for.

  9. So much Shock and Awe that no one fucking planned what to do AFTERWARDS. Idiots. Fucking idiots.


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