Friday, March 05, 2021

I've been that fucked up before



  1. I mean, plus 1 for going where he can see what he's doing, and pulling out the veg drawer. Not like it's ever used anyway. But analysis of the arc indicates that he's splashing all over the bottom shelf (-1), and it looks like a bottle of A-1 'Steak Sauce'(-5)

  2. My ex father-in-law got up in the middle of the night (staying in a hotel) and pissed in his suitcase.

  3. A friend told me his wife got up, pulled out a bottom draw on a dresser and squatted and took a piss. I said, what did you do? He said, Nothing, it wasn't my drawer.

    1. Oh thank you for that bit'ogold.

      Still laughing.

  4. I saw a guy in the stands at a football game pull out the long end of his belt and started pissing in his pants. Then he shook off the end of the belt, re-buckled it, and sat right back down!

  5. About 40 years ago my brother and his best friend Gerry got trashed at my sister's house in Florida. They were in their mid-twenties at the time. My sister came down in the morning to find Gerry leaning against the fridge with the door open, passed out, his dick hanging out, and a puddle of piss in and outside of the fridge.


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