Friday, March 05, 2021

Lawmaker refiles bill, wants Tennessee to be the 'last place illegal aliens want to go'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — A Tennessee lawmaker is again pushing legislation that would require more Tennessee small businesses to use the E-Verify program to screen whether workers have legal immigration status to work in the U.S. 

Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) has filed a series of bills over his term in office aimed at decreasing illegal immigration to Tennessee and addressing the issue of illegal aliens already living and working in the Volunteer State. 

“I want to make Tennessee be the very last place that illegal aliens want to come and all of bills seek to do just that,” Griffey said. “In addition, everyone should have to obey the laws equally. It is a fundamental principle and value in America.”


  1. While you're at it, add Kalifornians to your bill.

  2. A no brainer, this bill should be the law of the land. You can bet money this won't pass. Dear Rulers have their own agenda, you having a decent life isn't part of it. Except Bruce, he's probably one of 8 or 5 that are good guys.(pulled that stat straight outta my ass, hope I'm wrong.)

  3. I was in the same camp about illegals until hurricane Laura blew thru here and put a big assed pine tree in my attic. Insurance estimate was a little over 48K with a 10K deductible. Had a crew of what I assumed were illegal Mexicans bid 30K. Every other bid was north of 48K. I was skeptical but went with them. They fixed the rafters, re-roofed the house, fixed the vinyl siding and re-bricked 1 side of the house in 3 days. I was on the roof with them just to make sure they didn't do any shoddy work. Now I have to rethink my position about illegals. I'm retired and saving that 10K deductible plus an additional 8K sure helped my financials.

    1. You might be singing another tune if one of those illegals took an accidentally on purpose flying fuckin flop off of your roof, scaffolding or rafters You do realize that they most likely didn’t have any insurance
      One phone call to the law firm of Lopez Lopez Lopez & Levy and someone would have hit the Latino lottery
      and you might have been on the corner selling oranges to cover your deductible !

    2. Lets see. Subsidized housing, utilities, free (?) healthcare, free (?) education. I wonder what your end is and will be over the life of your retirement? Will your sons, daughters and grandkids pay the price of free-stuff and loss of jobs?

  4. Simple solution is to fine every business that hires (knowingly or unknowingly) person who is not leagally able to work in this country $1,000/person/day. Going back one year from date of discovery. AND the assets of the company owners are subject to forfeiture to pay these fines.
    Take the profit out and the jobs go away, take the jobs away and the illegals stop coming here and we only get the ones that want to be Americans.
    It will never happen.

  5. Make them legally liable for any crime an illegal they support commits.

  6. All ya'll have no idea how to get rid of wetbacks. The guys work, and most work hard and have some skills and want to learn more skills. But the mamma's sit at home having babies and visiting the free ER for every little sneeze and runny nose. All the while living in Section * housing and getting free utilities and rent plus payments for each child and free schooling with free breakfasts and lunches for each child. IT IS THE WHOLE FAMILY THAT DRAINS US DRY.
    Shut off ALL the welfare and then only Jose will stick around to work.


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