Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Oh, the irony...

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — A cemetery worker in New York was killed when the plot he was working on collapsed, dropping him under the dirt. 
Rodwin Allicock was working at Washington Memorial Park in Mount Sinai, Long Island, when the grave collapsed, News 12 Long Island reported.


  1. Sadly, there's a little ditty that goes along with unshored holes, a or holes with the dirt pile too close: "If it's over your head, you're going to be dead." Two fellas from around here got themselves killed like that - dug deep for a sewer connection, then went lateral UNDER the sidewalk(!) shoring, dirt piled too close, vibration from local traffic = two bodies requiring an 8 hour recovery.

  2. People think that people who die in excavation collapses suffocate and if you can dig them out quickly enough you can save them. This is rarely true.
    Most deaths are the result of crushing from the weight of the dirt. When a ditch bank collapses a block of soil large enough to bury a man may weigh 3500 pounds, or even more.
    People have actually died from being buried below the waist. The pressure of the soil can stop blood circulation in the legs, resulting in cardiac arrest.

  3. Steve, no lie. Had a friend in chest deep hole and he said it collapsed now. No warning just wham and he was buried. They dug him out as fast as they could and he was rushed to the hospital. It damn near killed him. He said it was like he had a tractor trailer on his chest.


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