Monday, March 01, 2021

The Death of the Museum of the Confederacy

In May of 2008, I became embroiled in a situation that had developed with the former Museum of the Confederacy. Having received an e-mail sent to the membership from Director S. Waite Rawls asking for an opinion about removing the word “Confederacy” from the Museum’s title, I assumed that he was taking heat from the ongoing crusade against all things Southern and advised him to hold his ground in the face of such politically correct extortion! Alas, my answer was not what the gentleman wished to hear—though he never responded to me. For Mr. Rawls was of the opinion that any mention of the Confederacy or Confederate was beyond the pale and the time had come to abandon such nomenclature. Today that great shrine has become the American Civil War Museum after being joined to the Tredegar Iron Works under the Parks Department.


  1. Maybe we should call it "The Museum of The War of Northern Aggression".

  2. There is still an awesome Museum of the Confederacy in Greenville, South Carolina. Very well kept up, nice folks and even helped me when I was checking out an original Palmetto Armory 1842 pistol, because so many fakes are out there. If you're ever in Greenville, check it out, worth the effort!

  3. Ms. Protopapas certainly expresses her ideas in a manner understandable. In an article at Reckonin’, she includes this recommendation for conducting the war:

    “I myself see in this war, if the North triumph, a dissolution of the bonds of all society. It is not alone the destruction of our property…, but … the prelude to anarchy, infidelity, and the ultimate loss of free responsible government on this continent. With these convictions, I always thought we ought to meet the Federal invaders … and raise at once the black flag … 'No quarter to the Violators of our homes and firesides!' It would … have proved true humanity and mercy. The Bible is full of such wars, and it is the only policy that would bring the North to its senses." – Gen. T.J. Jackson.

    I tell you what, raising the black flag would have meant a thing horrendous to ponder, had the actions been carried out. However, the black flag might have given the Yankees pause for thought.

  4. "However, the black flag might have given the Yankees pause for thought."

    The South would have run out of ammunition before the North even ran out of Irish immigrants, let alone the rest of its population.

  5. I use to visit the MoC regularly when attending U of Richmond and later when working as a city employee. Staff was always helpful and knowledgeable.
    I've no doubt the relics of General Lee and Gen. Stewart will be, if lucky, hidden away in storage. Given the spiteful nature of The Woke I fear the objects will be destroyed.

  6. I used to eat lunch in front of this place when I was in college and it was right outside of the building where most of my classes were. Richmond has seriously changed and definitely not for the better.


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