Thursday, March 04, 2021

The Life and Times of Tuff Hedeman

PART I  (17:31 minutes)

PART II  (7:22 minutes)

PART III  (17:10 minutes)


  1. Tuff is right. Bodacious fucked him up bad, and he walked out of that arena. That was one hellacious nasty bull.

  2. Wow. Thanks for the turn on. Long time lurker and sometimes commentor. Never would have seen it but for here. Exceptional place here. Good company. Good stuff. God bless all here.

    Bob the electrician

  3. That was back when the NFR was in Okc. Had the good fortune to see him. Donnie Gay and many others ride there till they moved to Vegas. That train wreck to me was worse than Joe Thiesmans leg break.


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