Monday, March 01, 2021

What Tennesseans think of when they hear 'California'



  1. They aren't the only ones that think that.

  2. He is thinking
    Too stupid or drugged up to take their pants off when having a dump on sidewalk.

  3. Alternative title to this post-
    What Red-necked native Californians think of Californians who vote Democrat.

  4. Those tards even shave their legs.

  5. Proof the lgtb shit or what ever its called is completely normal.

  6. He's thinking. How can I just cut in and get the next dance. How will I explain to my husband. What am I waiting for. BTW the two dancers look like they just snorted a dime bag of biker crank. Not that that's a bad thing.

  7. Forget Tennesseans, consider what the rest of the world thinks. Then ask yourself whether that explains 50% of the reason they hate us.

    A good friend is from the tribal regions of Pakistan. She's educated (as are all the women in her family - we're talking MBBS level, i.e. medical doctor) speaks at least four languages, and does not wear a headscarf or any of that business, but she does pray five times daily. That's the background. What she knew about America was from TV and movies, mostly. Came to US and lived in Humboldt County, CA, then Manhattan, then Boston.

    After we got to know each other, and she found out that I was a Midwestern transplant unimpressed with liberal East Coast "elites" (or Humboldt potheads) she admitted, "It's strange. From outside the country the US looks so strong, but so many people here seem, well, empty and lost. It is sad. It is not what I expected." I told her there is a whole other America, of decent people who are grounded in their faith, value family and community, and try to work hard and stay honest because it is simply the right thing to do. She was politely dubious.

    Now she's living in northern Appalachia, in a small town, where the population is overwhelmingly Christian whites. "This is the first place in America I have felt really comfortable. These are good, decent people with healthy values. They take care of their families and of each other. You told me that Boston and Manhattan are not the real America and I didn't understand what you meant. Now I think I know what you were talking about." She then went on to say, "Many people back home, their idea of America is rich greedy people like you see on TV, and it seems every other person is a homosexual. Those people [the Pakistanis], they don't like that, and because of that, they think America is evil. I wish those people could see the kind of Americans I have now met."

  8. If you examine the picture, it's pretty clearly not from America. Also, the costumes on half of the women inside the shop indicate that it's during some sort of festival.

    Not enough detail to be sure but guessing maybe Carnival in Brazil.


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