Wednesday, March 03, 2021

When tweekers organize...

What looked like workmen doing late night repairs at an Old Dixie Highway manhole Sunday weren’t doing repairs for AT&T, Homestead police say, but rather stealing from AT&T. 

Cops say they found 50 pieces of copper wire wrapped in black tubing, which they valued at $10,000 if sold legally, but $30,000 if the copper was sold on the black market.


  1. A black market for copper? That's a new one.

  2. Gonna call bullshit on that one. Guessing replacement cost, since copper is running under $3lb as an average. 3XXXlbs of copper for the lower price, or 9XXXlbs to make their black market, even if it were the same price (it's not, black market is a LOT less). Telling me you'll get $9lb for copper? Pull this one, it's got bells.
    Replacement costs...gotta be.

    1. It might be continuous lengths of Telecoms coax or similar that are long enough to be usable. That stuff is expensive, and I can easily see $10,000 for replacement cable. Note is doesn't say scrap value, but value. Romex is much more expensive than its scrap value.

      Not a clue on the black market price. For one thing, who would the buyer be, other than scrap? Telecoms aren't going to buy it.

  3. I wondered why my phone quit working.....

  4. They were not stealing, they were looting, and that is OK.

  5. From the names of the "copper collectors" I would guess they're part of that "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" club Obama started.

  6. Wait...the black market is more expensive than the regular market? How will they ever be able to sell their copper if people can get it legally and cheaper elsewhere?

  7. Something off.
    Black market would be worth a fraction of legit copper.

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