Friday, April 16, 2021

A long journey home, but not taken alone

TAMPA, Fla. - Friday morning, a group of volunteers gathered to be part of an escort fit for a hero.

Volunteers with James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association came together to escort a deceased veteran back to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky where he will be laid to rest.


  1. Nice story.
    "Buried next to his mother and his three Border Collies".
    He was obviously a man of impeccable taste.

  2. If you've never taken the time to watch one of these it is truly humbling and amazing to sit on a bridge and watch the guard dogs escort a veteran to his resting place. Mine was a man who died in a bomber in alaska during Korean war. Found after glacier receded. He was flown in to Tulsa and escorted to Kansas for burial.


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