Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Battle of Fredericksburg, Prospect Hill | Animated Battle Map

 In December 1862, the little town of Fredericksburg, Virginia became engulfed in a ferocious Civil War Battle between Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and Ambrose Burnside's Army of the Potomac. On the Confederate right flank, Corps Commander John F. Reynolds sent two of his divisions against Stonewall Jackson's battle line and gained significant ground, but was forced back. In this animated battle map, watch and listen to how the battle played out on that cold, frigid day. 

VIDEO HERE  (23 minutes)

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  1. Porter Alexander, In my opinion the best officer in the Confederate army told Robert Lee that on the Left flank, his artillery was positioned so well that, "a chicken couldn't cross that field" and he never really got to test his theory because of the infantry behind the stone wall. They shot the Union troops flat.


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