Thursday, April 08, 2021

"Bitch, where my chalupa at?"

Footage shows the moment a disgruntled Taco Bell customer purposely plowed into a group of employees standing at the fast food chain's entrance afer an argument over her drive-thru order. 

Police said the incident happened on Wednesday night in Waldorf, Charles County. An employee told two women were in the car who argued with the drive-thru employee about their food order.


  1. BLM sure does know how to get these low IQ nogs riled up. Ohio Guy

  2. Did not have to guess the race. Even funnier they will be inmates with their former employer. Bet there will be some big nasty's want to visit them in their cell.

  3. Guess the race!!! Din Dus, porch monies, fat lip, jiggaboo, tar babbies, jungle bunny, Uncle Tom, little black sambo, Aunt Jaimima, was an old song that had all these names for our most favorite and highly regarded race.



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