Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Colt's Model 1915 Vickers Gun in .30-06

 After extended testing in 1913 and 1914, the US formally adopted the Vickers gun as the Model 1915. A contract was placed for licensed production of 125 guns by Colt, who had also taken contracts to produce Vickers guns for the UK and Russia. It would ultimately be the summer of 1917 before the first guns arrived for US Army use, and a total of 12,125 were made by the time production ended in September 1918 (in favor of the new Browning 1917 machine gun). Ten divisions of the American Expeditionary Force were equipped with Colt Vickers guns in .30-06 in World War One, and they gave good service on the battlefield. The are very scarce today because almost all surviving examples were sent to Britain as part of Lend-Lease in World War Two, and destroyed at the end of that conflict.

VIDEO HERE  (13:08 minutes)


  1. If he said "Didn't deserve to know." the answer is obvious.

    There is no way short of physical removal from office and they are not above election rigging to prevent this that Progressives will give up any power.

    Roosevelt was quite willing to destroy the courts to get his agenda as is every other person on the Left.

  2. This is where I disagree with many of you Europhiles. Lend-Lease was a great idea, nothing wrong with it in theory, but the moment they destroyed our property instead of returning it to us, the tables should have turned...


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