Tuesday, April 20, 2021

He apparently didn't learn from his slap on the wrist

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — A man who served two years for killing someone is now accused of stabbing someone at a busy East Nashville grocery store. 

Police say Fesnando Santos stabbed someone at the Inglewood Kroger Tuesday afternoon. The victim is expected to be OK.


  1. 2 years for killing someone? WTF!

  2. "“Two years for murdering someone, that doesn’t even make sense,” victim advocate Verna Wyatt said. Wyatt is a co-founder of Tennessee Voices of Victims."

    Lucky he didn't yell a racial slur during the killing. Then he would have been in real trouble.

  3. If people would follow the motto when seconds count the police are only minutes away a greater justice would be served.

    1. Too bad that motto doesn't catch on like, say, wearin' a mask does, huh. Ohio Guy

  4. 2 years for murdering a man? and they let him out to do it again?!

  5. They had to let him out lest he catch the coof, don't cha know. R.I.P. young lady.


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