Friday, April 23, 2021

Hey, who hasn't gone to Denny's after last call?

APRIL 22--Two intruders entered a closed Denny’s restaurant yesterday and made themselves eggs before being chased from the eatery by a worker who had been alerted to the predawn trespassing, Indiana police report. 

According to cops, the two offenders first entered the Denny’s in Evansville at 2:02 AM and “went into the kitchen and prepared some eggs.” The duo departed a few minutes later, but returned to at 2:58 AM and “made some more eggs” before departing Denny's at 3:04 AM.


  1. Denny’s loses $1. Suspects lose 15 lbs each via diarrhea. Filthiest restaurants I’ve ever (been forced) to eat in.

  2. More than once a good friend and I went to Denny's and sat there and drank coffee all night.

  3. the local Dennys had Rebecca. Imagine Jessica Rabbits hotter 19 year old sister.

    Twice, I went to Dennys, sat down, read the entire Sunday paper, comics to classifieds, and left without getting a glass of water or cup of coffee. go up the street to a mom and pop shop, the waitress has my favorite table set up before I had the truck parked.

    Dennys closed it because they said it was not worth the expense to bring it up to modern code. It was bought by a diner owner, who kept the name ( Yo Mamas grill ) and made it high class by small town standards.

  4. Fuck, just hit a Waffle House...they're 24/7.


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