Thursday, April 15, 2021

Probably has wooden blocks on the pedals, too



  1. If-my penis was added after birth could be done in a machine, it would look like that.
    Bed is empty and suspension can’t even keep it up! Ha!

  2. My son wanted to lift his Ram 1500 something like 8 inches, it was stock and already kinda tall, so I ask him how the fuck you gonna get in it without a ladder. Fortunately his girlfriend, a lovely hot mess of a woman, looked him in his eyes and said " your dad's right ". He chose well with that one.

  3. I had to get a step stool for my wife to get into the stock height Chevy 4x4 I used to have. She now needs it to get into my Chevy Colorado which is stock height, Love that short legged woman of mine.

  4. Short man syndrome, worked with a guy like that once.

  5. That's how I have to get in & out of my hubby's stock 2017 F-150. When I have to drive it, no wooden blocks are needed. The seat slides up enough for me to reach :)

    1. My 2001 F-150 has a switch that moves all the pedals up a couple inches for shortstuffs like you.

  6. My 5'5" shortness has a pretty good step up into my 2020 F250. Thank goodness for the running boards because if they didn't exist, I'd have to increase my upper arm strength to get into the seat. But when you're short like me, driving down the road high up like that is very liberating. My wife's even shorter at 5'1" so she HAS to pull herself up by the door handle. But we love going for rides in that truck.

  7. All the owner needs to do now is add a short wave radio and a sub woofer bass system and they’d be like all the wiggers here.


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