Monday, April 19, 2021

Rule by Fiat: When the Government Does Whatever It Wants

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” — Ayn Rand 

Rule by brute force. 

That’s about as good a description as you’ll find for the sorry state of our nation.


  1. That's WEIRD I click on the (more) link and get a hosting service timeout page.

  2. I don't get it. The link has worked perfectly for me all day, every time I've tried.
    It's an excellent essay.
    One thing I'll never get was Trump's support of red flag laws. If there was ever anything as blatantly unconstitutional I can't think of what it was.

  3. Read an interesting article on the Tech Oligarchs extensive security protection. It resembles the SS protection around American Presidents. (Which won't stop Biden being choked to death by Harris with a pillow, when the time comes)
    All of the Mega-Wealthy are protected by squads of men with guns. Which of course means they are being completely honest when they attest that common American citizens don't need to own or possess guns.

    1. It was maybe two years ago I read that Zuckerberg has a full time security staff of 24. That means he has four armed men on duty around he and his bride 24/7/365.

      And since he has a home on the peninsula of the Bay Area it means he has contributed heavily to the reelection campaigns of Sheriff Laurie Smith in order for his security people to have concealed carry permits.

  4. @11:57 PM 04.19.2021 link was good, and worth reading
    John in Indy

  5. Works for me and what read. Such weird times.

  6. Americans will accept their subjugation. There's plenty of food and the TV is OK, big game every weekend. Nobody is much getting out of their easy chair to protest, although the road networks would be easy to disrupt. People will not even vote their wallets or deprive themselves of fantasy football. Americans used to have principles but those became too expensive, now all they have is a price sticker, most are for sale at the right price.

  7. It took me to the rutherford institute which is good reading. try this.

  8. Happy "Patriots Day", the day the American revolution actually started whenGage sent his troops to confiscate arms and ammunition from the "rebels", also known as "the Sons Of Liberty"....
    And it's coming full circle and about to happen yet again, WHY you ask? Simply because govt refuses to learn from history, repeating failed policies of the past, (cause you know, the "right" people weren't in charge then). When all they need do is simply perform their primary function, which is to Protect the peoples God given rights and be left alone to live their lives as they see fit...... Thats it, it is not complicated.
    Until the whiners get involved crying that somebody needsto do something about something cause my wienie or pussy got hurt by some evil words....... Oh for Fu**s sake.....


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