Wednesday, April 14, 2021

So basically, they're giving them an allowance to spend on drugs and alcohol

ELK GROVE, Calif. — A pilot project in Elk Grove is paying homeless residents to tidy up their living areas, and it's changing the culture of the city. 

The idea stemmed from a conversation with one of the city's police sergeants, said Sarah Bontrager, the housing and public services manager for Elk Grove.


  1. The 'city trash picker upper' unions will soon start demanding minimum wage, healthcare and retirement for all these homeless.
    By the way, Colorado no longer has problems with homeless people. Hallelujah!
    They have a new problem though: unhoused people. Yep, the good old 'we call it something else' pretend-fix.

  2. "we are saving thousands of dollars to them put back into other city projects..." How about giving that money back to the tax slaves. The other phrase that puts my teeth on edge is "we are losing revenue".

  3. There are rules against spending this money on cigarettes and alcohol.
    Sometimes I crack myself up.

  4. A suburb of and just south of Sacramento, the 'bedroom community' of Elk Grove Laguna houses many thousands of Sacramento/Frisco bureaucrats escaping the urban rot of the big cities.

    Median home value -- on the way toward a million bux.

    Also home to black-out fog... often resulting in Interstate Five pile-ups of dozens of wrecked vehicles.

    About March or April 1990 or so on the way to visit friends in the nearby Pocket Road neighborhood, the fog was so thick, I couldn't see the front of my hood.
    Driving at 'walking-speed' was too fast.
    I pulled off the freeway onto the grass way up the hill from the pavement.

    Parked with the window up, I heard crashes crashing into crashes.
    Some fatalities were from wrecked vehicle occupants stepping out to dutifully exchange insurance information... then getting crushed by other vehicles doing non-fog speeds of 50 or 60mph or faster... driving-by-Braille, 'just keeping it between the lines'.

    About 2005 or so, an Elk Grove fog-related pile-up involved a couple-three hundred wrecked vehicles.
    Circling above, from the right-seat of my helicopter, I saw vehicles five deep... vertical deep.
    A couple miles of stacked wrecks on both sides of the freeway.
    Ambulances and tow-trucks were hours/days away, intentionally delayed for the safety of First Responders.


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