Friday, April 09, 2021

So the lockdowns made it worse.....

A team of scientists is calling for greater research into how sunlight inactivates SARS-CoV-2 after realizing there's a glaring discrepancy between the most recent theory and experimental results.

UC Santa Barbara mechanical engineer Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz and colleagues noticed the virus was inactivated as much as eight times faster in experiments than the most recent theoretical model predicted.

"The theory assumes that inactivation works by having UVB hit the RNA of the virus, damaging it," explained Luzzatto-Fegiz.


  1. When I went for my eye appointment at the VA last August, they had small air handling machines in all of the offices with VERY bright light leaking out of the seams in the device. Now I know that UV is not in the visible spectrum and I had read a couple of reports last spring indicating that sunlight, in particular UV, had been seen to inactivate the virus. I had also investigated a UV light device, some years ago, that could disinfect water. I settled on a sawyer water filter instead as the sawyer doesn't require batteries.

    So I asked the eye doctor what the machine was doing, specifically if it was disinfecting the air. She responded in the affirmative. I then asked if it was using UV technology to disinfect the air. She said "I don't know" which I thought was rather odd in that I'd think that an MD, schooled in medicine, would at least be intellectually curious about how a machine, that was supposedly helping to protect the air she was breathing in the presence of untested strangers, worked. I suppose she could have been lying, but from her manner of response, I thought her answer was genuine.


  2. So instead of helping people every gov forced everyone to stay indoors and sit around in giant petri dishes. Away from the disinfecting and rejuvenating effects of sunlight, which we've known about for nearly all of human history. As well as our primary source of vitamin D which is essential to our health and immune response. As everyone spiraled into ever deepening depression while being unnecessary exposed to heightened longterm stress which in and of itself has been proven to kill people. And the entire world is being gaslit into gleefully taking an experimental medical treatment for which we don't even have one year of clinical data. One stinking year. And which seemingly has miraculously transformed into just another run of the mill medicine you can administer like tylenol. Because now any potential adverse side effects, including death, are simply written of as acceptable losses or mere coincidences. And don't you dare question #The Science.

    But it's fiiiiinnnne.

  3. UVA and UVB both play a role in the body's conversion of sunlight to Vitamin D. IIRC, UVC gets totally filtered out by the atmosphere so is of no use in the Vitamin D process. There is on-going debate whether Vitamin D inhibits the china virus. Either way, don't expect honest guidance from the medical "experts".

  4. Of course this would mean Trump was, again, right.....

  5. During the Spanish Flu outbreak, they would put patients outside if it was sunny. They found they recovered better than those who stayed indoors. Our governing class is neither smart or clever. They are just ideological communists.


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