Friday, April 16, 2021

US Supreme Court: Gun Licensing Fees Are Unconstitutional

While I am not an attorney and cannot give formal legal advice, a 1943 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Murdock v. Pennsylvania, may give Second Amendment–supporters an overwhelming legal weapon with which to destroy every single firearm ownership (although not necessarily concealed carry) licensing scheme in the country. This includes those that require licenses to own or purchase firearms. 


  1. Leaving it to the courts to do what is right is letting the camel in the tent. The right to vote has been taken from us because we were using it against them. The capital protest has scared the snoot out of them. We showed up and demanded that they do what we wanted, not what they were paid to do by the swamp. We still have the power and they know that and gun control is going to be messy. We will not comply with the new rules, covid-19 or any other forced life style. We broke the noise of the internet by showing up and now they know that it's not going to be easy to take the 2a or anything else.

  2. Constitutional! lolz
    Supreme Court! lolz
    Now we have those globalists/Marxists cornered by rules and laws! (/sarc)

    In all seriousness, the only value of the constitution at this point is common ground for states to continue to do their duty with regard to federal nullification and, ultimately, secession. When state and county defense forces begin to be authorized, then it's for real.

  3. In Murdock v. Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a flat license tax applied to individuals going door-to-door distributing religious literature and soliciting funds for a particular religion.

    Something of a stretch to go from there to firearms.

    1. Did you miss this part? The USSC also found, "A State may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the Federal Constitution." This means the entire Bill of Rights as opposed to just the First Amendment.

  4. First of all I have NO confidence in the courts doing the right thing....they RARELY do so. But regardless of that reality the OTHER reality is that politicians routinely ignore the Constitution, our rights and ANY legal precedent they find inconvenient. And since NOTHING happens to them for doing so they have no incentive to stop doing so.

  5. If a pole tax to vote is unconstitutional, what is a fee to buy, carry, or own any arms protected by the second amendment.


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