Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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  1. #2, I don't care about the bridge, but that water feature in his table is awesome!


    1. And the bowl below never fills up. Magic.

  2. #4 Crocs? Good job, kid.

  3. Tiger is so bored she enjoyed that.

  4. If they ever make me TA, I'm using 10. Hilarious.

    1. When I was in school in the Navy, several people would fall asleep in this one class after lunch. The instructor would give one warning to the class before beginning the afternoon session. After that, anyone he caught sleeping would get an chalk filed eraser bounced off of his face. His aim was excellent.


    2. My band director was a lesbian, in a time when it was not that common for women to allow others to know that was their lifestyle. But she was so great of a band director that her sexual proclivities didn't matter to anyone, even in a small Michigan town.
      She demanded excellence of her students, and if you messed up, due to not practicing, she would not hesitate to fire her baton at you, in rehearsals.
      Even better, one time during a band concert, the Jr. High band started a piece of music, and messed up within the first seconds of the song. She stopped them dead, after maybe 20 seconds, gave the "the look", and restarted the song again, this time without flaw.
      In a high school of at the peak 350 students, we often had a high school band of over 125 members. Everyone wanted to play music, and learn it from her. It shows that kids love to have high expectations set for them, and will attempt to reach those high expectations.
      I actually was an All American, my senior year in music. We also had a Jr. High math teacher, a male, who had the same type of personality, not gay, but who had high expectations. If you didn't have your assigned homework done, he would allow no excuses, but you would get a swat with a paddle, made from a 2x4, only thinner and narrower. And not just a love tap, but a real swat, boy or girl, it didn't matter. Guess what, everyone always had their homework done for the next day.
      He had kids in my grade, and once in awhile, someone will write to them, on FB, telling them just how much they loved having him for algebra in 7th or 8th grade. Kids thrive on meeting high expectations, and lowering standards, like they have done now, results in guess what, lower performance.

    3. Amen to pigpen. I had a choir director with high expectations, too. Fact is, I wanted to to the best job possible for her class. Eighty people in choir and she could single anyone out with a subtle facial expression and bring them to note. Didn't tolerate the I can't sing bullshit either. If you can't sing, you're not listening to me. She was great.

  5. I was waiting for #1 to end in tragedy.

  6. Must be tough to be a Tiger without a tail.

  7. #1 Don't care what anyone says, that's pretty damn cool. And I don't even like or watch sports.

  8. #5 I was always the kid that jumped.

  9. 4) My older son was about 12 and we were coming home from one of his soccer games. We had purchased some fancy shin guards that pull over the feet like socks and they were a little complicated to get out of so he just hopped in the back seat with them on and we went straight home. The air conditioner was running full blast and I kept the power windows locked to keep the boys from playing with them. He was basically sealed in the car. We got home and one shin guard was gone. He still had the other one on. I asked him where it was and he said he didn't know. I took that car apart looking for it but it was never seen again. This was an experience with what some call Planet 12. When boys turn 12 their brain goes to Planet 12 and it takes them years to get back. If they ever do come back. We still argue about that stupid fucking shin guard and he's 27 now. End of rant.

  10. There was a tiger in the Ft Worth Zoo back in the mid 70's that I saw just like #6. I asked the zoo handler what happened, and he said "the tiger was young, and let his tail go into the next cage (back then, heavy chain-link) and the next cage contained a Jaguar...
    Stub tail for the young tiger.....

  11. #4--my oldest stepdaughter did that with her last bottle, going down a steep, curvy mountain road (1984, & the car was a decade or better older, so you didn't waste brakes). Solved the problem of getting her off the bottle.
    "It's gone. Remember? You threw it out the window."
    --Tennessee Budd

  12. I believe #2 is a DaVinci design, saw a video of a young boy and his father making one.
    I logged that away in part of what's left of my memory, could come in handy even if only a vague remembrance.


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