Friday, April 16, 2021

Your Friday Morning Florida Report

A man allegedly bit, beat and squeezed his girlfriend's two-year-old boy to death after flying into a rage when the boy urinated on a couch. 

Police say Alegray Damiah Jones, 30, who was in a relationship with the boy's mother, admitted to hitting the toddler until he passed out late on Thursday night.


  1. So this asshole attacks & kills a child and gets charged with manslaughter. Meanwhile, a cop in Mpls is on trial for murder for having his knee on the back of a known fugitive who resisted arrest then died of a heart attack while lying on the ground.

    I swear nothing makes sense any more.

  2. His standard punishment inside the clink should include the same.

    1. It will be much worse...
      He will be beaten into an unsuccessful Life Flight chopper ride.

  3. Somebody has to say it: "Guess the race". But you guys already know.

  4. God dammit, give me 10 minutes with this bitch and I promise it's never going to hurt a child, or anyone else, again.

  5. Sounds like second degree murder to me.


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