Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

For reasons known only to himself, Manatee County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sgt. John Finley took a flash-bang grenade from his department’s SWAT armory, pulled the pin and then tossed it outside of a coworker’s home during a Dec. 12 Christmas party to “announce his arrival,” according to local media reports.


  1. People have no sense of humor any more.

    About a hundred years ago when I was in the Army, I was stopping by the (now ex ) in-laws during a PCS move. Innocently enough, i discovered I had a couple of extra smoke grenades in my ruck. After some chiding by my Army veteran ex- FIL, and a few cold beers, I dug one out and dropped it in his fire pit.

    We oohhed and aahhed for a few minutes, then noticed the sirens in the distance. Sure enough, two squad cars screeched up to the driveway, followed by a fire truck. Some concerned neighbor had called it in. I guess the column of thick, bright purple smoke spooked them.

    Thankfully, one of the LEOs was also a vet. My military ID was produced. We chatted and he called off his troops, who I guess had already discussed calling the bomb squad in from the big city.

    They picked up their toys and headed back to the barn. I got a “stern talking to” then a pat on the back, wished good luck and a “don’t do it again, ok L-T”.

  2. From 2011

    “Officers believe the device was stable until the pin was removed”


    1. Wisco, did they really say that, that is a big DUUUUHHHH!!!! grayman

  3. Now there's a guy you want to party with!

  4. Four whole months to actually do something about this? Doesn't look like they are actually interested in dealing adequately with a problem badgemonkey.....if they were he'd be GONE by now.

    1. Yah, my thought is "this jerk is still employed as a Deputy Sheriff"? This jerk probably has a couple three excessive force complaints recorded with several more that were swept under the rug because the complainant was a criminal. Just like that other badged orc from Minneapolis who's on trial right now and any other number of badged orc's that get away with crimes that civilians would be put in a deep hole for.

      But hey, there's no problem with law enforcement in this country. You know, just because a bad apple surfaces here and there doesn't mean there's a problem, generally.

      Meanwhile Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle continue to burn.


  5. One year from retirement, the 4 months are a stall move to ensure that he will make his retirement 20. Gov people protect their own while f#cking away huge amounts of tax money as in the massive giveaway with illegal's, protecting Comey, Clinton ect ect. I love America but I have learned to hate government employees.


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