Friday, May 07, 2021

Florida Man takes his shit on the road

A Florida man and his alleged accomplices traveled to Portland with the sole purpose of breaking into women’s cars -- typically by cruising parks, day cares and gyms -- to steal their purses, wallets and identification and then recruited locals to cash almost $100,000 in forged checks at banks around town, federal prosecutors said. 


  1. "Felony Lane", that crew was tooling the Chicagoland area a couple of years ago. Same MO.

  2. ONLY registered Antifa members are allowed to do that, with 10% going to The Big Guy

  3. From the article: “Fletcher and his co-conspirators were in some instances bold enough and uncaring enough". Uncaring enough? Who say this kind of crap, anyway? And he does not have a criminal history. How the hell does that matter?

  4. How many stupid women leave their purses, wallets and IDs in their cars? This is why I haven't carried a purse in years. My wallet is in my pants pocket at all times when I'm out, and on my dresser when I'm at home. Sure, I might still be robbed, but I won't be giving the thieves an open invitation. Must have been my time in USAF wearing fatigues that broke the purse habit. It stuck. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. (stumps off muttering something about "kids these days")


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