Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Gas, meat, and now dipping sauce? Oh, hell NO!!!

(CNN) — The supply chain shortage just got fowl: Chick-fil-A is limiting the number of sauces it’s giving out to customers because of limited stock. 

The chicken chain said Wednesday that industry-wide supply chain issues, which are affecting essentially every aspect of the economy, has resulted in a “shortage of select items” that Chick-fil-A serves, including sauces.


  1. Just wait till the masses show up and the lights are off
    Cat 7 chimpout

  2. Liberals can fuck anything up, heres more proof.

  3. Supply chain issues = no drivers. A neighbor in the campground here - a trucker - told me yesterday that drivers are being offered guaranteed 1/2 to 3/4 MILLION bucks a year in Texas. He said it's not only Jobama, but the cartels hijacking any and all.

  4. That's because some dumbass at corporate decided to sell the dipping sauces in a pint squeezable container in local grocery stores. It seems to be a hit and they cannot keep up with supply. Why fill single serve packs to give away when you can sell it in a larger container?

  5. Went there and told the guy "It's my first time here." He replied "Welcome. Pick what you would like. It's free." Wow.
    I'm a veteran. They had a (small) table with a setting for absent comrades with an explanation of the meaning of the various items. Vets get a free sandwich on mondays (IIRC). Dayum.
    Only reason I'm not a regular is cuz the location is APITA for me. Most Christians turn me off. These guys rocked. Or I'm easily influenced... :-)


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