Thursday, May 27, 2021

Growing evidence of a massive pattern of fraud in the USA

This is my personal observation of a pattern of suspicious activities and behaviors going on in the government of a certain West Coast Democrat-operated state that will remain nameless (but it's just south of Oregon). 

Approximately ten years ago I observed a massive increase in turnover in the accounting departments and HR departments of state agencies responsible for making grants of state and Federal money to the public. This phenomenon did not seem to impact any agencies that do not issue payments to the public.


  1. We haven't had a fair election in California for probably 20 years. It's a joke. Here's another one of their tactics. I live in a fairly rural area in NorCal. Very conservative. We are required to use absentee ballots. Well you can still get on line to see if your vote was counted. My vote, my wife's, kids, and friends votes haven't been counted for ever. They know most rural area are conservative. If your signature and your ballot doesn't match the one on your voter registration card they don't count that vote. Rather subjective. The reason given for not counting our votes? N/A

  2. What was their first clue. Geeeez, FEEDING Frenzy in the government. Federal in particular.

    1. Well, if you knew that the gravy train was going to be drying up, wouldn't the prudent move be to squirrel away as much as possible beforehand?

  3. Once I was on an extended business trip on an expense account in the LA area and I went to get an apartment on a month to month lease that the company was paying for. The apartment management tried to get me to apply for California State housing assistance regardless of the fact that I wasn't even paying the rent out of pocket. They got really angry when I refused to apply and I can only assume they were getting a kickback of some kind.

  4. San Andreas, do your thing!!!

  5. Funny we haven't heard from the DOJ on this.

  6. The entire deep state is built on a fraudulent foundation. Look back, waaaaaay back, long before Lincoln back, but let's start with the election of Lincoln. The newly forming Republican party's primary goal was
    'internal improvements'. Today's colloquially is infrastructure. The party was composed of money men. Here's how it worked. The money men put politicians in office who would vote to spend public money on projects i.e. 'internal improvements for the public good'. Once passed the money men would then be hired to carry out the 'internal improvements'. Now one might say, whether such could ever be proven, everyone involved profited except the poor saps who paid for it all. That would be us. Granted, we do all benefit from roads, bridges, etc. however I daresay not nearly as much as a politician who enters the field relatively impoverished and ends their 'public service' career a multi-millionaire.

    On another note concerning fraud, I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how Slo Mo Joe was declared the winner in Virginia with only 3% of the vote counted. Shady stuff has been documented in other elections as well. This year for Governor our 'choice' is between party faithful Youngkin (R) and a repeat command performance by Terry McAwful (D). My guess is until one of the (D)s dies or does something really really really stupid (such as standing up to a party boss)they will now tag team the Governor's office.

  7. Meh what are they paid per vaccine,,,,, we will never know.


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