Friday, May 14, 2021

Henry Garfias – 1st Marshal of Phoenix

Not known in history as many of his more famous counterparts, Enrique “Henry” Garfias, the first marshal of Phoenix, Arizona should be better recognized, as many of his feats of bravery far surpass many of the more famous lawmen of the Old West. 

Hailing from what is now Anaheim, California; Enrique was born in 1851, the son of a Mexican Army General. At the age of 20, he headed to Arizona, first settling in Wickenburg. Three years later, in 1874, he moved once again the fledgling town of Phoenix. At that time, Phoenix had about 1,600 residents, downtown lots were selling for $7 to $11 each, and that same year, the city would get its first telegraph line.

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