Tuesday, May 18, 2021

How Do Chickens Mate? All You Need To Know

Cockerels dancing and chasing the girls around the yard are a sure sign that the warmer months are here, the mating games are about to start, and baby chicks are on the horizon.

Although some of the antics that go on may seem amusing to us, mating is a severe occupation for your chickens.

Only the strong would survive in the wild, so many of the behaviors are driven by this instinct.

So, what exactly is involved in getting that egg fertilized? It’s more complicated and devious than you might think – sit back and delve into ‘romancing the hen.’

Let’s start with common rooster and hen mating behaviors before looking at the actual mechanics of mating.

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  1. "How Do Chickens Mate?"


    "She will choose to mate with the fellow that fits the specifications she has in mind."


    Has the author ever seen a chicken in an environment where they can come close to providing for themselves? The roosters that are going to protect the flock from predators aren't going to play mood music or buy chocolate and flowers.

    Saw a hawk light on the fence just yesterday. About a half dozen roosters walked over, chicken necking, probably with the thought "my, how delicious you look, boy". Hawk flew away. The chicken "romance" resumed apace shortly after.


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