Tuesday, May 04, 2021

How Hard Is It to Get a Concealed Handgun License in Portland? Let Me Count the Ways.

I’ve put off getting my concealed handgun license for many years. Inertia, ill-defined fears about being “in the system,” and a general lack of urgency all contributed. Additionally, living in Multnomah County, just outside of Portland, I have exactly zero faith that our Maoist, Soros-backed, antifa-loving district attorney Mike Schmidt would offer me a fair trial should the time arise that I need to use my 2nd Amendment rights. After all the shenanigans 2020 visited upon us, however—especially in Portland—I decided the time was right (even though I lost all my handguns in a tragic boating accident). 


  1. Getting a CCW in Oregon just got harder, and more dangerous. The new law they are pushing down our throats - 554 - will remove the CCW exemption for being in a no-gun (unarmed victim) zone, such as government buildings and airports. This means even the sidewalk outside. There's a lot more to it, but the bottom line is this: if you have a CCW, and they pull in behind you, they know it. They will wait until you are in a no-go zone and bust you on a felony. I've told the Baroness to NOT renew her CCW, as it now makes her a target - even though she commutes to work in a municipality and has no record. She will not even be able to stash a weapon in her car now.

    The bill in question: 554-B:

    The repugnicans in the Senate bent over this time after being paid off with $4 million for each of their districts to use as they please. Oregon is pretty much a lost cause. The bright side is most LE outside of Porkland and Eugene areas will just ignore it. But the threat is there.

    Unclezip says stay gray and watch your six... the shit is coming fast and hard.

    1. That bill looks like it was written by staffers on loan to Oregon from California.

      Coming soon- "Oregon Gun Laws", 2021, 1st edition.
      California is on their eighth edition.
      Hang in there, Zip.

  2. We hand-carry escrow and loan docs for rental properties.
    3-5 day close.

    To re-cap:
    * day one -- we sign the transaction docs with the seller.
    Open escrow at the title company.
    Sign mortgage application.
    * day two -- wait.
    * day three -- wait... but occasionally, all the docs are ready to sign and file, take possession of keys, change locks, introduce renters, sign rental agreement, hand new keys to tenants.

    I think the ccp process is an example of TheBureauOfJustifyingOurExistence.

  3. A different story in Washington County, west of Portland.

    Do the online application, and schedule an appointment.
    Show up at the Sheriff's office, show your course papers and pay the fee. Do the photo and fingerprint thing, and go sit. A deputy brings out the license.

    Total time at the office, maybe 30 minutes.

  4. Steve in OregonMay 4, 2021 at 2:59 PM

    "I do not consent to searches" speak it clearly to the officer if you are pulled over and they wish to search you or your vehiclefor anything. If you are a law abiding citizen they cannot rightfully search without probable cause. A misdemeanor is not probable cause.

  5. Did I read that right? Some dude thinks he needs a license to protect himself? And his wife? And his kids? And in fucking Multnomah Co. Oregon no less? Propaganda organs must be load as fuck out west. Someone tell that poor bastard that Free men don't ask permission to carry a pistol. "Oh hello Mr. Wyatt Earp." "Say, uh, perchance could I uh see your concealed/carry permit please?" Yea, uh no. Ohio Guy

  6. It's a fairly quick process in rural counties though.

    My Sheriff likes people with CHL's. It means armed, responsible, vetted people out in the sticks where LE response time is slow. When I've gone in to renew my CHL they've always been really friendly. I ran into the Sheriff outside the Courthouse one Friday afternoon and we BS'd for 15 minutes.


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