Thursday, May 06, 2021

Kentucky’s Bad Blue-State Habits

There must be some amount of detachment from reality required for a Democrat to serve as Kentucky’s governor. 

Andy Beshear — elected in large part as the polite alternative to his whip-smart, sharp-elbowed predecessor Matt Bevin — is fighting a rearguard action with the barely resuscitated remains of the old blue-dog coalition that once reigned supreme in the Bluegrass State. Beshear’s buoyed by the partisan progressive moment in Washington, D.C. The federal-spending spigots, first opened in the initial fit of COVID panic, are now on full blast and drenching states with federal aid.


  1. Lil Andy was elected because he offered a bribe to the teacher's union while Bevin had pissed them off by calling them out for their bad behaviors.

    1. Exactly correct. Starting about two years before Bevin lost, I had conversations with a teacher in KY. This teacher had been very active in teacher's organizations. He told me about the irresponsible spending, incessant teacher demands, Bevin calling them out.

      This teacher agreed that Bevin was doing the right thing. But the state and national teacher's orgs continued to oppose him. The wanted their cake now. So now they're getting it, good and hard.

  2. Andy Beshear, son of Jane Klingner, is absolutely loyal to his people in his attempted subjugation of the people of Kentucky.

  3. There's no way in fucking hell public or government employees should have collective bargaining - motherfuckers make more money and have more perks than anyone in the private sector.


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