Thursday, May 13, 2021

Man, I knew the price of chicken was going up, but damn...

A Texas man claims a convenience store clerk overcharged his debit card by nearly $1,300 on his debit card for two items, adding that he is having difficulty getting a refund.

Chuck Chavers, of Waco, said his debit card was overcharged $1,299.36, KXXV reported.

“I was kind of hungry before I went out on my route, and stopped by to buy a Monster energy drink and a chicken biscuit, and got charged $1,299.36,” Chavers told the television station. “I don’t understand why it took them less than 10 seconds to take it out of my account, and we’re at day eight and I can’t get it back in my account yet.”


  1. THIS! is why I don't ever use a debit card. Only a credit card and pay the full balance each month even if it hurts. CC company will go to bat for you in a case like this and you are haggling with their money, not your own.

    1. Yep. Well said. One of the few places where I disagree strongly with Dave Ramsey is his love affair with debit cards. They are disastrous if there is a problem.

  2. Poster child for why one should never , ever have or use a debit card. Beware of a card that gives a merchant or anyone use a direct line to your bank account.

  3. Because of stories like this I wouldn’t own a debt card on a bet. If the vendor doesn’t take cash or credit I don’t need it.

  4. Like GlassGuy says.....

    Use a credit’s got built-in protection....and most have cash back.....

    I even run my utilities on one.....getting a free 30 day loan float and cash back.



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