Friday, May 14, 2021

People are assholes

People adopted animals like crazy during the lockdowns, but quite apparently did not actually think things through when they took home the pets. You know, like helping your dog with separation anxiety when you eventually go back to work or school. 

Shelters and animal rescues across the country have seen a spike in returned pets.


  1. I just picked my 2nd that nobody wants, now have 7 month and a 9 month pup. Not sure they're not trying to kill me. Name the both Tripp

  2. In my opinion, choosing a pet is a very
    serious decision for several reasons...
    and should not be made flippantly.
    1) The pet Becomes a member of the family, Period.
    2) Which means it's a forever commitment...
    or until death do you part.
    Morons who violate these morals are not human beings!
    And are not any different than their counter parts
    which riot and support commie ideology.

    1. [rocketride]

      Exactly. Very much like what used to be called a 'Chinese Obligation'. There is a special place in Hell for those who abandon pets, small children, etc. A cold, wet, dark place with no means to build a fire.

    2. [rocketride]

      Exactly. Very much like what used to be called a 'Chinese Obligation'. There is a special place in Hell for those who abandon pets, small children, etc. A cold, wet, dark place with no means to build a fire.

  3. I'll defer to the thread's headline. It says everything we need to know.

  4. [rocketride]

    For a couple of months about this time last year*, my employer was paying me to stay at home and do the fraction of my job that I could. Basically the design part of the job. The putting stuff together and QC** parts of the job weren't getting done, but since our dealers were pretty much closed nothing was getting shipped anyway. My cats loved having me around all the time. Now they come running when I get home (so does my wife, having been clued in to my arrival by the cats taking off). It should be noted that the younger of the two cats made my acquaintance in the first place by climbing up me and meowing in my ear. I am her chosen monkey.***

    * Basically the first 8 or 9 weeks of "2 weeks to flatten the curve".

    ** Largely of stuff I'd designed. (It's a small company.)

    *** The aforementioned wife actually did something fairly similar, a decent interval after exiting the relationship she'd been in for the first decade or so that we knew each other, to make sure I knew she was interested. I always was a bit dense about stuff like that.

  5. There is little hope for humanity. Evolution is not just stalled, it is falling backwards. Engineers and others always creating safety devices that try to keep the idiots and morons from removing themselves from the gene pool is counterproductive. If you make it idiot proof, somebody will make a better idiot. And idiots and morons breed irresponsibly, and their offspring become wards of society, and worse...
    Most people living in the cities wouldn't survive a few days in the wild. That should tell you all you need to know.

  6. Pets are just like your children, you wouldn't dump them off would you? My pets live with me till they die of old age and i miss them dearly.

  7. They are. Buddy of mine volunteers at a shelter and works with dogs that suffer from fear aggression.

  8. I've mentioned before - growing up on a farm, where those "cute" puppies grow up and then get abandoned in the country. Where they then form feral dog packs that go around killing livestock. On rare occasions, a loner would show up on our farm and we would give them a home. Usually, though, the locals would have to organize a hunt.
    Developed a strong dislike for people who abandon pets.

  9. Anyone who gets a pet and then abandons that pet should be brought up on charges...convicted and Forced to do hard labor until the cost of housing and feeding their pets are covered AND the pets are adopted.
    If they never get adopted, then it will Suck to be them doing hard labor for the next 5-15 years.
    Afterwards, they should be banned from having ANY pet except a pet rock. Which I will happily deliver upside their head.

    I know, I would go far too easy on them,
    But that is just the easy going, forgive and forget kind of guy I am...

    MSG Grumpy

  10. Pulled into a driveway out in the country to take a must take call. As we sat there in front of a sizable shed stuffed with kittens who came out to see us, I could see the property owner 100 yards Down the drive come out, get in his truck and head out to us. I got out and waited for him while the wife talked to a dying friend for the last time.
    He came out upset, but a little confused. I explained why we were there and he saw it was true. He told me a lot of cars stopped there and dumped unwanted kittens. He would feed them but he was really angry that people would just dump them. Most cars pulled in just long enough to fling the cats out. We were there for about 15 minutes. There were about 15 little cats. Good man, I thought.


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