Thursday, May 13, 2021

Six easy ways to break a broody hen

I have to smile at this article since I currently have two hens that are determined to be broody! 

Fortunately for us Northern chicken keepers, broodiness is pretty much confined to the summer months. 

Broody hens can mean trouble for your flock and egg supply! To make matters worse, broodiness can often spread throughout your flock, so you need to ‘break’ broody hens as quickly as possible. 

So let’s get straight to giving you some tips and tricks which can deter a hen from being broody.


I've got one hen that's semi broody. She'll lay on eggs and peck at me when I reach under her to get them, but she's not obsessive about laying on them all day if I'm late getting out there.
The other 3 hens, though? They'll drop an egg and before it hits the nest, they're gone. I've never seen them lay on an egg.


  1. Six easy ways to break a broody hen??
    #7 Take her out for dinner and drinks, take to bed, make fried chicken for lunch next day!
    @luis- EatAtKFC!

  2. I have a buff Orpington, Or two, who was broody ALL winter... in N.H. she/they just stopped this spring. Just one reason I don’t care for the BOs. Rhode Island Reds are le tits.


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