Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Soviet 122mm D30 Cannon (Firing)

 The D30 is a Soviet 122mm multi-role gun introduced in the 1960s and still in use around the world today. It has a somewhat unusual 3-leg mount that is slower to set up than a standard trail, but allows for complete 360-degree rotation of the gun. The piece was designed for both indirect fire (maximum range 15.4km; more with rocket-assisted munitions) or direct anti-tank fire. Note that it came with an armor shield for the crew, which was left off the gun for this trip to the range. 

Thanks to Battlefield Vegas for the chance to film this awesome cannon firing! It belongs to them, and will be set up at their facility for a pretty awesome rental firing experience if you are into that...

VIDEO HERE  (7:45 minutes)


  1. Destroyed thousands of those projectiles in Iraq. In the U.S. we call that semi-fixed ammunition. You can adjust your powder charge by adding or removing powder bags in the cartridge case. Then we have fixed ammunition where the projo is crimped to the case and you load and fire it as you get it just like small arms ammo. The last category is separate loading. You shove the projectile in the gun, then load powder bags behind it, no cartridge case. Close the breach and then load a primer in a small breach attached to the large breach. Those look like 7.62 or 30.06 blanks, not quite the same thing though. Bet nobody gives a shit, but I felt like running off at the typewriter. Eod1sg Ret

    1. I appreciated your comments. Thanks.

  2. I was just showing videos of the shoots at Battlefield Vegas to my oldest grandson the other day. I do not think he was aware of such weapons in private citizens\groups hands.
    I always wonder what the hysterical anti-gun crowd would say when they realize it is not just small arms the good guys have at their disposal. AMERICA


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