Thursday, May 06, 2021

Supreme Court won't take Maryland bump stock ban case

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court is declining to take up a challenge to Maryland’s ban on bump stocks and other devices that make guns fire faster. 

The high court on Monday turned away a challenge to the ban, which took effect in October 2018. A lower court had dismissed the challenge at an early stage and that decision had been upheld by an appeals court. As is typical, the court didn't comment in declining to take the case.


  1. May as well pack the damn thing....fuckers ain’t doin jack shit anyway.

  2. If a bump stock is the answer, it was a stupid question.

  3. What are the Supremes doing, just collecting a paycheck like the rest of the assholes in DC?....

    1. All of fedgov
      Ha Kavanaugh helped write the patriot act during the younger bush administration. That new gal just got her 2 million dollar keep quiet book signing deal.


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