Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The M1 Carbine Revisited - Lucky Gunner Ammo

Because you didn't get enough of the M1 Carbine in our four-part series back in 2019, we're back with more!  Find out how Chris rescued a sad, mistreated carbine just so he could practice a bunch of gratuitous reloading drills. Also: the worst accessory ever made for the M1 Carbine.

VIDEO HERE  (12:07 minutes)


  1. always loved the m1 carbine ,
    i still have a iver johnson(no giggle switch)and a shitload of mags and even some ww2 vintage ammo that was a bring home by the man that gave me the gun when i was 15 going on 16 , some things on never get rid of even if he never uses them ...

  2. My old man bought one from a magazine (probably Nat'l Rifleman) back in the 60s for next to nothing. It was an Inland and delivered straight to the house via Railway Express when we lived in NY. Good times back in the day and I still have it.

  3. Gave Dad an M-1 carbine for Father's Day many years ago.
    Several years later I gave him a Blackhawk chambered in .30 carbine.
    He was an Engineer in Korea and 2 tours of 'Nam. Even when issued an M-16 he "found" an M-1 to use. "I prefer it." he told the ordinance sgt. Word soon spread that "The Old Man knows his shit."


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