Thursday, May 06, 2021

Your Thursday Morning Florida Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A domestic dispute on the Westside turns violent when a car rams into another car and leads to gunshots. 

Police say a woman’s ex-boyfriend rammed his car into hers this afternoon. 

They say her current boyfriend was in the car with her, got out, grabbed a gun and began shooting the ex-boyfriend’s car.


  1. I see the DA there doesn't like the idea of self defense.....

    1. Most Florida State's Attorneys (our version of the DA) are closet leftists and are paid hugely by the white leftists and the black ghetto population during the county SA's election campaign.

      It's how George Zimmerman got railroaded into an arrest and trial even though the Sheriff and FDLE findings on Zim show it was a clear-cut self-defense case.

      You have the right of self-defense in Florida. But most often, you will be arrested in 3-6 months and a show-trial will occur.

  2. Normally the neighborhood is quiet, except when people are testing their guns.


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