Thursday, June 17, 2021

Biden's Bureau of Land Management Nominee was Spokeswoman for Eco-Terrorist Group That Attacked BLM

Security clearances are required for various levels of Bureau of Land Management positions. Having an FBI investigation for eco-terrorism in your past should disqualify you from heading the agency. 

The question is did no one check or did they not care before nominating Tracy Stone-Manning?


  1. Like there's going to be someone in the biden admin that isn't some evil POS ?

    1. Hey! We will be represented, too!
      - Brotherhood of Drooling Incomptents With Important Family Connections, Local 519

  2. Ugh. Tracy Two Names, heap big trouble.

  3. These acronyms are driving me crazy. I first thought, 'What do environmentalists have against black people?'

  4. In this illicit regime, probably counts as a plus.

  5. Finish the vote audits already, these morons need to go.


  6. I can't comment as to my employment status or employer, but enough emails have shown me that her nomination probably REQUIRED for a future job with the Department. Lord knows that my employer has already investigated me for 'asking' about election results. Shooting up a school or blowing up a .gov building is great if you're a demo, but as a repub even asking for facts will get you looked into.

  7. Federal Bureau Incompetents only approve people that are anti American, since they are working hard to destroy any of us that stand against the illegal powers that are now claiming to be in charge.
    (This statement is only for entertainment value. All you alphabet agencies)

  8. Remember the Democratic Party slogan: What difference does that make now?


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