Friday, June 11, 2021

Elderly man dies after lighting cigarette, using oxygen tank starts fire

An elderly man has died after a house fire broke out on the 1500 block of Domas Drive according to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.


Lisa's aunt came out to visit shortly after we moved here, and I just about shit when I saw her doing the same thing on our back porch.
She looked shocked that I raised hell about it and told me she did it all the time at her house.
That's fine, Carol - burn down your own fucking house, not mine.


  1. There is an older movie called Young Doctors in Love. In one scene, Guido, a mob hitman is in an oxygen tent on a liter when a bedpan containing a bomb is placed under him. Quick thinking saves him as he urinates, putting out the fuse. In relief, he lights a cigar. *Boom*

  2. Well he was living in Jax so it was probably a suicide.

  3. Is the address pronounced 1500 block of Dumbass Dr?

  4. Remember, oxygen itself isn't flammable. It just helps other shit burn really good.

  5. Did it ever occur to Carol that smoking cigarettes is probably the reason she needs to be on oxygen?

    1. It's a little late to point that out to her, she died 4-5 months ago.

  6. So it was the o2 that finally done him in. Got off easy. Most burn up their chest hands and face. Die in their own fluid while intubated and septic.


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