Monday, June 21, 2021

How Does It Work: Clips! (Not Magazines)

 Today we are looking at clips and how they work. There are two different types; Mannlicher-style and Mauser-style.

Mannlicher clips were introduced circa 1885, and are also known as en bloc or packet loading clips. They include a set of feed lips, and are inserted completely into a gun. Once the last round is chambered (or fired, in some cases) the empty clip is ejected from the action.

Mauser clips were introduced in 1889, and are also called stripper or charger clips. On these, the clip acts only as a guide to load the cartridges into a separate magazine, either a fixed internal magazine or a detachable box magazine.

VIDEO HERE  (7:26 minutes)


  1. I tire of this new era of firearms snobs that refuse to call the M1 Garand by the name used since its inception. I know the inventor/designer pronounced his name different.
    But NOBODY called the rifle by the name of the inventor. It was pronounced with the accent on the last syllable, unlike his name with the accent on the first syllable.
    Rant over.

    1. The rifle was named for the inventor. People put the accent on the second syllable because they were ignorantly mispronouncing his name.
      Now that we are no longer ignorant of the correct pronunciation of his name there is no excuse to continue doing so.

    2. The reason that I pronounce Garand with the accent on the last syllable is that is how i learned it from the old guys who carried them into battle, and because I just don't GAF otherwise.
      John in Indy

  2. I like this guy’s videos, but he failed on the stripper clips usage. On almost all Mauser style rifles, ie 98, 1903 Springfield and the latter Enfields, once you push the rounds into the internal magazine, you simply close the bolt and it will automatically eject the clip as it chambers the first round. A lot of people don’t know we stole the 98 design from Mauser and had to pay the Germans a copyright violation fee for every M1903 we produced, even during WW1. Not a big Enfield fan, but I love the old Mausers and Springfield’s. Eod1sg Ret

  3. FWIW- .38/.357 will fit an SKS stripper clip.

  4. But... but... he didn't explain how a thirty magazine clip works.

    Here. Let's find out from a REAL expert.

  5. The easiest way to understand this topic is to remember that a magazine HAS a spring and a clip IS a spring.

  6. I’ve been a “Gun Enthusiast” for more than fifty years. Damn sure don’t know everything and would not consider myself an expert. I know a great deal about arms, ammunition and explosives, their proper applications and limitations. Not an expert there, either. What I do know is if I’m out on the range and someone asks me to hand them another clip for the 1911 they’re shooting, I hand them the correct ammunition feeding device for that weapon. I don’t care if you call revolvers pistols or magazines clips. The object is to have a good time doing something you like with people you like to be with. While it’s important to know the difference between an M1 Garand and an M1 carbine, especially when purchasing ammunition for the above, most people don’t need to know that a lot of commercial 30.06 ammo has soft primers that can cause a slightly disturbing malfunction called a slam fire. That’s something you should learn through experience. Remember, the people who know all the little nit noid stuff are already enthusiasts. We don’t want to barrage the newcomers with too much information and turn them off.


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