Friday, June 25, 2021

Let's get your Feel-Good Story of the Day out of the way

TULSA, Oklahoma - Robert Shook said he was on his way home when he saw Richard, a Vietnam veteran on his electric scooter, pushing his mower with one hand. 

Shook immediately offered to help, but Richard declined, saying it's one of the things he can still do by himself. 

"That was kind of like a ton of bricks hitting me because people complain about everything and he's out here giving it everything he's got to mow his own yard," Shook said.


  1. 🏴‍☠️

  2. Used to be a fella a few blocks over, both legs gone, regular wheel chair, mowing with a self propelled mower, not a rider mower

  3. For the amount of money raised, he could get a John Deere riding mower. About 15 years ago I bought a Poulan. it was cheap (under $1000) and it cut the grass nicely, but it was a bit of a maintenance sink is it got older. I finally decided to splurge this year on a John Deere 48 inch riding mowerIt was about $3500 but it is a real pleasure to mow the lawn now.

    1. He could get a nice zero turn mower here for that price.
      I paid 1500 bucks for a new Cub Cadet 46" cut lawn tractor when we first moved here. In 5 years, all I've had do to it (besides annual blade changes and tune-ups) was replace the battery.

  4. I got a call one hot summer day. A friend of mine who is in a wheelchair was mowing his lawn when the mower died. Elderly neighbor saw him stranded, had seen me at his place and called me. Ed had been sitting for several hours in July heat. For people like that, fiercely independent, a good machine is a must.


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