Wednesday, June 16, 2021

To Serve and Assault

A Garden Grove police officer is facing misdemeanor charges after battering and threatening homeless people while on duty late last year in incidents captured on body-worn camera, prosecutors said Wednesday. 

Officer Kevin Dinh carried out the beatings on at least two separate occasions, both times while the men’s hands were restrained, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release.


  1. It's called 'beat and release'. It's both an old time method of dealing with undesirables and it once was the name of a blogger that I think lived in North Charleston. Both B&R and the blog are gone, and I always wonder what happened to him. I liked reading his blog.

    1. I thought that website was something totally different when I searched beat and release.

  2. You don't need to be homeless to have this happen. Thgey have a special spot out of the cameras when you are bein processed where if they don't like you your head is going to meet the concrete. This is endemic

  3. ...and in the next breath they wonder why people want to defund the police. Someone on these pages once expressed the sentiment that 99.99999% of police officers give the rest a bad name.

  4. When I lived in Orange County back in the 70's we called Garden Grove GARBAGE Grove....seems things haven't improved...

  5. After reading the story i was surprised that it was a fellow officer is who turned him in, good for him he decided that this needs to stop, we need more like him! I said it before if you are on the force and do not rat out these so called officers then you are just as bad as them!!!

  6. Karma. It exists so you can. Ignore it at your own peril. Ohio Guy


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