Friday, June 11, 2021

When Polly says to take that cracker and shove it up your ass

Parrots at a UK zoo ruffled quite a few feathers when they started swearing at visitors. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park said the five African grey parrots were removed from public display for cursing customers, reports Lincolnshire Live. 

The parrots, named Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy, had arrived at the zoo only recently. They were given to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park by different owners within the same week and zoo authorities decided to quarantine them together. After a very short period of time, they started throwing obscenities at each other - and at visitors when the birds were put on public display.


A little dated but still funny.


  1. It's no coincidence an African Grey was called "Eric."

  2. It's a step up from the standard wolf whistle. I don't even know how you get a tropical bird who doesn't wolf whistle. Maybe if you hatch them your self in an incubator. Well, or move to the Amazon.

  3. Thats damn funny. Not wild about being a bird owner but would love to have those dudes.


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