Thursday, July 29, 2021

Average US gas price rises 2 cents per gallon to $3.22

CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) — The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline rose 2 cents over the past two weeks, to $3.22 per gallon. 

Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey said Sunday that gas supply is abundant, which could keep prices from spiking further. 

The price at the pump is 98 cents higher than it was a year ago.


It's been hanging steady at $2.85 at Walmart and $2.89 at the Shell and BP stations here in town for a couple months now.
It still pisses me off to pay more than 30 bucks for a fill-up.


  1. Democrats are looking forward to it going to $10 per gallon, forcing you to buy an electric vehicle so that they can tell you "don't plug in your car because we don't have electricity".

  2. Here in Lane county, Oregon(Eugene area), it over 3.50 a gallon.

    I sure miss those mean tweets, and 2 dollar gas. We were at 2.20 when Trump was running the show.

    Democrats are EVIL...

  3. Low octane unleaded ~ $4.36 here in LA area

  4. Sure could go for a few mean tweets and some $2 gas

  5. We are over a $1.5 per liter so thats about $6 a gallon.


  6. It's been $3.79 a gallon around here (north of Chicago) for weeks. It's higher than that in the city.

  7. Retiring took 1500 miles/month off my driving, and I drive so little now that I only have to fill the tank every two months.

    I paid $3.95/gallon for 14 gallons, though, on my last visit to the "cheap" station in Aloha, OR.

  8. Average here $2.976 down from $2.977, yesterday. Where I buy gas it's $2.957. A year ago it was $2.11.

    Hey all you dumbass Demonrats, how you liken those prices, brought to you by Joe and the Ho.

    Let's not forget that one of the reasons for the increase in food prices is transportation cost driven by imported oil coming from countries that hate us.

    Thanks again Demonrats.


  9. I can remember $75 fill ups when I was driving 16-1800 miles a week during the Obama administration.

    Now, I'm retired like samoore; I usually fill up once a month when I hit the 1/4 tank point.

    Last week, I paid $37 for half a tank in the same truck.

    Thanks, Joe.

    1. Keep the tank above 1/2 full all the time. Some day when you don't expect it, you will get stuck in in a line to the gas station, wondering if you'll run out of gas before it's your turn, or the station runs out before it's your turn.


    2. Geek, quarter tank is my absolute limit. That way, I can plan where and when I fill it up. (I can't make my ex understand this.)

      Refueling at one A-yem at the intersection of MLK Blvd and Malcom X drive is not good.

  10. Be happy, in Canada we are paying over $6. a gallon. That is what socialism is all about.

  11. I figured I have to work 1/2 a day just to buy the gas so I can go to work; it’s a 25 mile one way trip. $3.85 here in the Frozen Freakin’ North, up $2.01 since August last year.

  12. Past one station today and the price jumped to $2.95 a gallon.

    I immediately hit my normal stop and paid $2.69.

    It's all on the move...

    De Oppresso Liber

  13. I let my truck get to just over 1/4 of a tank, which is something I almost never do, and it cost me over $60 to fill up the rest of the way.
    I need to get me a fuckin' horse.

  14. $2.71 a gallon in Walton County, GA.

  15. $3.19, took me $75 the last fill. The other 2 vehicles take either 91 or 93RON, but at most it's 5 and 3gal respectively....with 44 and 68mpg as the kicker. Still pushing $15 to fill the 'Wing, and $12 for the Duke, and that is just plain stupid.

  16. $3.39 for 87 octane in Rapid City. Always jumps before Sturgis, though. Buck you, Fiden, you worthless senile asshole.

  17. Yes, so I am that conspiracy guy. It is a signal to somebody. 322 is the number of Skull and Bones. It signifies their membership to the illuminazis.

  18. I'm traveling right now. Payed 4.58 in Utah for premium.

  19. New Zealand 91 Octane $5.93 US per US gallon ($1.56 NZD per Litre)
    95 Octane 6.36 US per US gallon ($1.67 NZD per Litre)
    Diesel $5.48 US per US gallon ($1.45 NZD per litre)

    Yup you fellas are doing it tough


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