Friday, July 23, 2021

Commentary: The National Security Agency and Tucker Carlson Controversy

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s charge that the National Security Agency illegally spied on him and leaked his emails is enraging prominent liberals. Carlson sought “to sow distrust [of the NSA], which is so anti-American,” declared MSNBC analyst Andrew Weissman, formerly the chief prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. CNN senior correspondent Oliver Darcy ridiculed Carlson for effectively claiming that “I’m not a crazy person overstating a case!” 

When did the NSA become as pure as Snow White? Do pundits presume that there is a 24-hour statute of limitation for recalling any previously-disclosed NSA crimes and abuses?


  1. Hey Andy, ya know what else is anti-American?
    Being a lying sleezeball fuckup with power.

  2. ....since they are doing the dems "dirty work"

    Remember? It's only harmless meta data they collect. It can't be used for anything.

    Wake up people, they are collecting everything on you and can and will use it against you.

    The Patriot Act is not patriotic and must go!

    De Oppresso Liber

  3. Snowden warned us of all the tools the NSA uses to spy on us. What was the program called, "Keyscore"? Goes back to the days of "Promis" software that Lou Dobbs and Ruppert warned us of.
    Ruppert committed suicide and Dobbs lost his show. Funny what happens when you cover the wrong news!


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