Monday, July 26, 2021

Here, the panicdema's over, we don't need 'em anymore

ALTA (CBS13) — A pair of sisters from Reno were arrested after they reportedly left two young children at a fire station in Placer County, then kept on driving. 

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says the sisters pulled up at the Cal Fire station in the community of Alta on Tuesday. Two children, age 2 and 4, were then dropped off and the pair left.


  1. They must not be aware that Pinocchio Joe is sending them monthly 'please vote for me' checks for each child.

  2. Dunno, I have mixed feelings about this. The kids are probably going to be better off away from the mothers but there's the damage done by doing this with children old enough to know they weren't wanted.

  3. Probably the best thing ever happened to those kids.

  4. I inquired about dropping off surly teenagers;the fire department wasn't interested.

    1. Jen: Drop them off at the nearest NeimanMarcus store... let them roam. They can pick up stuff that YOU like and take it out the door as long as it totals less than $950. They will be learning how the law works...

    2. Uh, male or female teenagers? Asking for a friend.
      - Roman Polanski, with Jerry Sandusky on the other line

  5. I know that this is a harsh thing, but at one time, I thought that a parent could drop their kid off to a police or fire station, without fear of arrest. I know that the intention was for a newborn, but as has been said, better for the kids to be placed like this, than what happens to some of the unwanted kids.
    Still no excuse, of course, for bad parents bringing any kids into the world without the wherewithal to raise them in a loving home.

  6. I found their mug shots through a search of the name Ananda Bowman. They're white, and from the looks of them other readers here are probably right. The kids might be better off without them.


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