Thursday, July 29, 2021

House Freedom Caucus Demands McCarthy Launch Fight to Oust Pelosi by July 31

Members of the House Freedom Caucus threw down the gauntlet, ostensibly challenging Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12) with the motion to vacate the chair or oust the California Democrat from her perch, but the real challenge was to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23). 

“We, the House Freedom Caucus, respectfully request that you pursue the authorization of the House Republican Conference according to Conference Rules to file and bring up a privileged motion by July 31, 2021, to vacate the chair and end Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian reign as Speaker of the House,” read the July 23 letter signed collectively by The House Freedom Caucus.


  1. McCarthy is a useless piece of shit, he gets nothing done and conseeds on everything

    1. An egregious insult to pieces of shit. They can be used for something.
      McCarthy, not so much.

  2. Yeah and I'd like to be 18 again with a twelve inch penis, but I doubt any of that is going to happen! We can dream I guess.

  3. McCarthy is a Paul Ryan butt-boy, he'll never do it.

  4. Right, that'll go far. With the all of the GOP traitors currently ensconced in the House, Pelosi isn't going anywhere.

    Stop pissing on our leg and telling us its raining.


  5. I just vicariously signed the letter. Wish I could do it in person.

  6. Mcarthy is a Deep State member and a freakin slimy hypocrite.

  7. Mere THEATRICS. Nothing more, nothing less.

  8. They stand tough and propose all kinds of things when they know they have no clout and it will not go anywhere and then don't make the changes when they have it.
    Just like McCarthy is doing now.

  9. The idea of the GOP fighting anything is pretty much laughable.


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