Thursday, July 29, 2021

Never mind the crime, I'm still trying to figure out who was fucking who here

NEW SUMMERFIELD, Texas – Three men charged in the fatal shooting of four people at a home in East Texas this week met up with one of the victims under the pretense of buying a gun from him but planned to steal it, authorities allege. 

Jesse Pawlowski, 20, Billy Phillips, 37, and Dylan Welch, 21, have been charged with capital murder in killings near New Summerfield, a small community about 125 miles (200 kilometers) southeast of Dallas.


  1. "...shot one in the head and the other 3 in the mobile home"
    What part of the body is the mobile home?

  2. from the comments at the jump: " You can't even trust a sexual dating website anymore without getting murdered."


    1. Yea, at least a few years ago all you had to fear was contracting an STD, genital herpes or crabs.

  3. I looked up grinder and it is nothing more than a deviant web app for sick people and what seems to be a lot of potential catfish robbery setups

  4. The guy on the right has tattoo hair.

  5. Three more useless dregs that should be promptly sent to their maker, not to prison for decades of taxpayer support. They will not long be missed.

  6. From what I gather, mother of the year and the other woman were rug munchers, the teen and the guy 30 years older were the sodomites. Yeah, you don't think dude was sausage stuffing the kid prior to his 18th birthday, do ya? Honestly, putting down the old flamer did society a favor. As far as I'm concerned, the other 3 were no great loss either. Any mother who let her teen get involved with someone 30 years older, male or female, had issues.


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