Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tennessee Sen. Blackburn: White House Plans to Silence Critics in Run-Up to 2022

Speaking to iHeartRadio host Sara Carter on Thursday, Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn condemned the Biden administration’s professed “flagging” of what it terms “disinformation” regarding COVID-19 for social-media companies. 

“What they’ve set up is basically a premise that if your message is not government-approved, then what you’re going to experience is state-sponsored censorship …” Blackburn said. “What you give these rogue nations and these dictatorships and these authoritarian regimes [like Cuba] the ability to do is say, ‘Well, we’re no different than the United States, so why are you coming at us?’”

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  1. It's the equivalent of a cia psychological disorder campaign to brainwash and control the population


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