Friday, July 30, 2021

Texas Begins Jailing Border Crossers on Trespassing Charges

Texas is beginning to arrest migrants on trespassing charges along the U.S.-Mexico border as part of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's actions that he says are needed to slow the number of border crossings, jailing at least 10 people so far with more on the way, authorities said Thursday. 

The arrests put in motion plans that Abbott first announced in June, when he also said that Texas would continue building former President Donald Trump's border wall and called on other governors to deploy law enforcement and National Guard members to the southern border.


  1. GOOD, now fill the jail with the families too, this release of family is BS!!!grayman

  2. 10 people?

    Well, it's a start, but if I were running that goat rodeo, I'd send the National Guard down there.

    This is an INVASION.

    Open fire.

  3. land mines, high voltage fence line, machine gun turrets/observation towers every mile and stretch geophones along the border and other deterrents

    1. Quad fifties sighted with thermo seeking sights. That's how you take down locusts.

      Everyone's wondering how and why Kung Flu seems to be on the upswing again. Couldn't be from infected invaders that are being whisked to the interior of the country in military aircraft could it? Also couldn't be the infected invaders that are being ensconced in hotels in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and other RED states; paid for by Catholic Charities, then allowed to roam free could it?

      NO. Of course not. It's all the remaining uninoculated that are really causing the problem.


  4. And the invaders will be treated better than American political prisoners in the DC jail.

  5. Couple dozen strafing A-10 Warthogs.... Ah I love the smell of burnt powder in the morning!


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